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Thanks so much to CASANA and Dave Hammer for our recent evaluation experience. I was quite concerned how our son would do with 18 hours of driving and 5 hours of speech in just three days, but it went very well considering. Dave’s approach getting our son acclimated with the set up was perfect and allowed us to get the most out of our time there. Having our son play with toys that interest him along with Dave’s subtle approach allowed him to warm up quickly. He never willingly stays with anyone besides family but quickly felt comfortable with Dave and allowed us to watch them from the observation room right away. (I’m also pretty sure that he had Dave pegged as a super hero before we arrived because when discussed the visit with him the day before and told him Dave Hammer’s name he started acting out a super hero with a hammer in his hand lol) Dave was quickly able to get a true representation of our son’s speech ability. I was thrilled with how quickly problem areas were noticed and even addressed. When our son was a little over done on day two, we were excited with Dave’s ability to redirect and keep him on task without any real power struggle being produced. We were thrilled with the information we received and wish we could visit casana regularly. As of now our goal with the information given is to meet the goals recommended in the time recommended and with the strategy options provided. Once we meet those goals we would like to return or at least call and discuss another set of goals and strategies.

Thanks so much for your time and for the wonderful experience! It’s so comforting to come to a place with passionate people who are experienced and knowledgeable in a subject area that is a daily struggle for us.

I handed Dave’s evaluation to the SLP and she just was amazed that we had taken the time to go out and see him.  When we came back for our first IEP meeting they offered us 90  minutes of speech off the bat and all individual sessions.  I am convinced that is because we had Dave’s report.  They also gave us PT and individualized social work which we didn’t expect to qualify for nor would we have asked for.   Again – I’m convinced it’s because we took that step to go to PA for the evaluation.


“Mr. Hammer,  Thank you SO much for your willingness to share your information and experiences with your colleagues in the field.  It is a big risk to open yourself to peer scrutiny, but incredibly worthwhile to those of us who learned a tremendous amount!!!  We all left saying it was THE BEST conference we’d been to.  The practical application was exceedingly helpful.  On behalf of all those I serve, I thank you for sharpening my skills and broadening my knowledge.”

“David Hammer provided functional and useful information. He is a dynamic speaker!”

“It is great to hear from a working therapist with material that is applicable in my future work.”

“Dave Hammer’s presentation got me excited for Tx again and gave me a lot new ways to present the same old therapy!”

“David Hammer’s presentation was amazing!”

“Awesome presentation.  I am new to this and learned so much from David.”

“Not only entertaining, but informative.”

“I loved the amount of time spent on practical therapy applications.”

“This was the best training I’ve had.”

“You’re a very informative and enjoyable speaker.”

“Great to see the presenter himself actually providing therapy in the videos.”

“Very fun and creative ideas for therapy activities that can be easily implemented.”

“Wonderful workshop and a big thanks for spending a nice amount of time on therapy!”

“Mr. Hammer is an incredibly gifted, talented, and motivating speaker.  He is very humble for the amount that he has accomplished.”

“I’m not a speech therapist, but working with an apraxic child I am trying to support the best that I can.  This was a GREAT help to me.”

“I’ve attended MSHA for 6 years and have to say that your session was the best I’ve attended.”

“I really appreciate it when speakers bring lots of videos so we can actually see therapy techniques.  Your wit and humor also made the session fun and interesting!”

“I attended the session on apraxia last week and it was one of the best I’ve ever attended in years of acquiring CEUs.”

“The long trip to Tan-Tar-A was worth it, just to hear you!”

“You are CLEARLY great at what you do…you were excellent, motivating, inspiring, engaging, informative, creative and just very funny in general!”

“Your conferences have been very, very helpful.”

“First I wanted to say that your presentation was the best Morris County Speech Association has ever had.  Thank you.”

“David was an excellent presenter and is clearly a remarkable clinician.”

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