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Consultation Services


Parents/legal guardians who may not have access to apraxia specialists and therapists but who want to seek expert guidance on a case could benefit from a video review  or phone consultation.  The video review and/or phone consultation is not an evaluation and no diagnosis can be made through these services.  Consultations would enable a parent or guardian to gain insight into potential therapeutic direction and goals, approaches, and impressions from an international apraxia expert.  State licensing restrictions would apply.  All of the consultations will be conducted by David Hammer, M.A. CCC-SLP, CASANA’s Director of Professional Development and Speech Services.  David Hammer is an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood apraxia of speech.

Please call (412-343-7102) or email (laurah@apraxia-kids.org) our scheduling coordinator Laura Hall to set up a consultation or request information regarding our fees​.



The Video Review Consultation service includes the following:

  • Initial phone contact from parent when the “ground rules” for this process will be explained (15 mins.)
  • Review of accompanying medical, developmental, and speech/language documentation that the parent or therapist sends along with the videotape for review (15 mins.)
  • Video review (60 mins.)
  • Phone contact with parent and, if desired, the child’s therapist to discuss impressions (30 mins.)
  • Possible consultation write up/summary for in-state cases (60 mins.)



The Phone Consultation service is provided in thirty (30) minute increments.  The consultation phone appointment and time frames will be scheduled and paid for in advance.


Feedback given by the CASANA consultant would be limited to:

  • Observations made of the video that could lead to further investigations, evaluations, next steps.
  • Suggestions for therapy considerations ranging from type of therapy to recommended techniques/strategies and potential goals to discuss with child’s regular therapist.
  • Recommendations for home practice activities that support potential therapy goals.


Payment is due prior to consultations. CASANA can accept a check made payable to “CASANA” or can process credit card payment for the services.


If you feel your child may need a more in-depth, enhanced, in-person evaluation, please click here to view our on-site evaluation options.  If you are unsure about what kind of evaluation or consultation is right for your child, you can contact Dave Hammer directly here.



“In approximately 7 months, this man has turned my shy, reserved little boy into a social butterfly. I will never forget when we asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he replied, “I want to play with Mr. Hammer, and not hear “Time’s up.”

“Dave has an amazing gift for working with kids. We thank him for his dedication to helping children with CAS and their parents.”

“Dave Hammer is not only is a thought-leader in speech therapy, but he has the unique gift of being able to implement these techniques in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way for each child. And although each session is strategic in what it is striving to accomplish, kids do not realize they are “working”, rather they look forward to their “play dates” with Mr. Hammer.”

“This amazing man is an angel sent to us. I’m forever grateful to Dave Hammer for helping my son.”

“There is so much to say about this incredible professional and human being. Quite simply, Dave Hammer’s therapy, his methods, but especially his approach in working with children with apraxia of speech is like watching an artist and a scientist at the same time. He is creative, deeply humble, sincere, and technically skilled beyond belief. He changed my child’s life – the entire course of his life. We are so grateful to Dave Hammer.”



  1. Leslie says:

    We adopted ava from China at 19 months, cleft lip and palate. We had it fixed at the same time. Before surgery she did jabber, said some things, starting to pick up on English, said mommy! She has picked up on her sign language incredibly great. She also has some sensory – sensitivities. She does have a weighted and compressed vest along with a weighted blanket. It has helped her to jabber more. She can say h sound, m sound, u sound, and l along with vowels. We had her speech test at Cincinnati children’s and her receptive is great. We hadn’t antixpated me losing my job, and added expenses of doctors with many other mishaps. I have read about apraxia, how often does it happen it CL/cp kids? How for sure will I know it’s apraxia? My Insirance will run out after twenty speech visits. She will get speech from preschool and this starts About the third week in march! I could never afford your services but like to know of any help I could get to help fund program. Thx

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